5 Marketing Hacks for StartUps.

Are you looking for that extra boost for your up and coming startup? Follow these 5 marketing hacks to get a leg up!

5 Marketing Hacks for StartUps.

Are you looking for that extra boost for your up and coming startup? 

Or, maybe a bit of knowledge to plan your next move? 

Every step is crucial.

Do you need a strategy to get that startup on a path to success?

Sometimes being the black sheep works in your favour. Especially with the market being saturated with start ups.

So, how do you get noticed? 

Maybe your competition is a business that offer face slapping massages. 

Or even one that sends personalised potatoes with messages on them.

Or, our personal favourite, a device that lets you know what your pet is thinking.

It may just come down to picking the right approach to generating some interest, read on for 5 transformative marketing hacks.

1.Quality of Content

Let’s start simple: quantity ≠ quality. 

You need to be able to separate yourself. There are thousands of blog pages out there drawing people in with their content. But what makes people visit these pages and what makes them return?

The key word here is relevancy.

Keeping your content informative and interesting is important too. Try an anticipate what the consumer is looking for and how you can spin that in relation to your business.

Key point: Whats trending? And do you have a stake in that story?

You can use free tools like Google Trends to see what people are searching for in real time.

2. Be Part of the Community

Whether physically or online, be part of the community that supports you. It can help you connect with the public and build rapport. 

Whether you like it or not, at a certain point in a startups growth the public’s opinion will start factoring in to your brand. Brand perception is the term and it can build or destroy a startup.

One avenue to find out about this metric is through social media. Another is engagement with your consumers or clients, get to know them. Find out what they like.

Entrepreneur Jo Amor is one such example. She initially started as a consumer herself. After practicing meditation for years she learned new techniques that improved her health and wanted to share with the people she studied with. “I knew I had a great community to start with, they were an integral part of what became Jo Amor Meditation.”

Another more direct approach is joining an online growth hacking community. These could be in the form of forums or chat rooms, you may find insightful content or just a space in which to share ideas. They are incredibly valuable to marketers.

Key point: Join a community, it’s an inexpensive asset to you!

3.Build Word of Mouth

Those communities have something to say. What are they going to say about your start up?

Since the dawn of marketing time, word of mouth has been described as the most valuable form of promotion. 90% of people are more likely to buy from a brand that a friend recommends!

I know what you’re thinking, we pay off everyones friends! Good idea, but let’s try a less costly approach. 

Get reviews! 

A paying customer is generally happy to leave a review, because ideally you’ve provided a product or service that they are happy with. Hence the payment. So ask them, it can't hurt. Plus its a great way to build a customer base by improving your reputation.

Key point: People trust their friends, so get the people talking about your startup.

4. Assess the Competitors

It’s rare to find an untapped market these days, whilst a unique selling point is advantageous. Sometimes as a startup we are just crabs in a bucket.

Taking this perspective, what are your competitors doing to gain traction? Do they have an approach that’s generating leads?

The small business experts at On Tap Plumbing and Gas struggled with differentiation when they started. After realising that a lot of their competitors didn’t have an emergency 24hr plumbing service, they found their avenue. They said this: “There is no good time for a plumbing emergency, but what makes matters worse is if you cant find an immediate solution. As a business we realised our competitors didnt offer an emergency line to quickly remedy these problems. It really helped us gain some new lifelong customers!”.

In order to thrive you need to be able to stand above the competition, what can you offer at better value. If you find out they aren’t doing something well. it may be enlightening for you to understand what sort of things you need to improve on!

Key point: Find out what your competitor is up to and incorporate it in your marketing strategy.

5. Use SEO hacks

The brick and mortar approach is no longer the be all end all!

Some businesses don't even exist in the physical sense anymore. As a result, there is no doubt that online visibility is incredibly important. Ranking on those search engines could be the difference between your start up getting business and your competitors being left in the dust.

Recent studies suggest that 93% of online experiences begin with a search engine, so it’s a great place to get ahead.

Make sure you get informed on what SEO means and how you can implement it! It may include better optimising your website, create a GMB listing or inserting those keywords on your website.

Key point: Learn what it means to have an online presence, its a digital age we live in!

Bonus Tip: The Inherent value of Free!

People love free stuff!

It’s like the taste test at the supermarket. It’s the key to the hearts of commitment phobes. Whether you’ve got free trials or little competitions. Everyone loves freebies.

So go reel them in!

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