BLVCK DIVMONDs iOS App Hits Top #10 Celebrities

BLVCK DIVMOND’s new release of the fun and innovative iOS sticker set, the “GRVNT by Grant M Leingang” app, has hit the Apple App Store and is currently ranking in the top #100 of celebrity iOS sticker sets. The apps highest-ranking position settled in the top #10, holding at #9 for a few weeks in 2020. At this moment in time, the iOS sticker set is currently at #60-#63. iOS stickers are a new addition from Apple for iPhones with iOS 10.0+ available on the Apple App Store. The BLVCK DIVMOND set is for anyone 17+ to use for FREE.

BLVCK DIVMONDs iOS App Hits Top #10 Celebrities

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BLVCK DIVMOND wanted to expand into the new realm of iOS stickers. This expansion was a perfect concept and portfolio piece. 2019 was a big year for our organization and having something animated, fun and friendly for a more mature audience was exactly what we wanted to target.  The “GRVNT by Grant M Leingang” sticker set was inspired by one of Grant’s favorite TV shows from childhood. 

BLVCK DIVMOND is a full-service creative design and digital marketing firm that strives to establish new ideas and concepts for brand recognition across the world. We chose the iOS platform because the user base in the United States is roughly 45.2%, as of 2019, of all mobile devices owned. The reason we chose this path was to set our portfolio in a new light. We are normally very aggressive on design, we wanted to lighten things up and allow some humor, joy, and a passion to flow through this iOS sticker set. We don’t necessarily always want to hold the edgiest designs all the time, this allows our skill sets to roam in a different direction and gives us the ability to connect with individuals and markets on all different levels. 

“I really wanted to do something innovative, and it started out as a joke with some co-workers at the time in Paradise, NV. I didn’t expect to hit the top #100 at all. Seeing it go that far really excited me, it was hard to believe!” 

- Grant Michael Leingang


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