How the Blisk Browser Will Transform Your Approach to Web Design

Heard of Blisk? Here's why you need to introduce Blisk Browser into your web development process. Find out how to transform your approach to web design in 2020.

How the Blisk Browser Will Transform Your Approach to Web Design

How the Blisk Browser Will Transform Your Approach to Web Design

Are you a web developer looking to save time and build responsive content across multiple devices?  

With so many different devices and screen sizes, people are now browsing the web across multiple devices, often at the same time.

For this reason, web developers need to make sure their websites will work on every device. 

Responsive design across multiple devices ultimately improves user experience UX. If a site does not meet UX demands, those site visitors are likely to spend less time onsite and potentially increase the bounce rate.

This means that the ability of web designers to create digital content that reacts accordingly to various screen sizes and uses will become more and more important. Conveniently, there's a developer-focused browser that now makes that process a lot simpler.


The web browser is called Blisk. 

This tool is specifically built for web developers and allows you to see your website across multiple devices. This allows you to spend less time switching between mobile and desktop, with reduced time developing cross-device code.

Intrigued? You’re not alone. With 40,000 companies and web developers onboard already, Blisk is already making its mark.

Here’s why Blisk can transform your own approach to web design and development.


What is Blisk?

Existing browsers are made for people to search for information, products and services. Essentially, to find web content.

The Blisk browser isn't made for the typical internet surfer. 

Blisk is a browser for web development. In essence, an ‘out of the box’ browser.

Blisk cater’s to web developers who want to test their projects without jumping between multiple devices and browsers at once through the provided features. 

Blisk also introduces a new process of ‘out of the box’ development tools, helping IT professionals to build their own web. 

As mentioned, with over 40,000 users (as of 2017), the Blisk browser has become one of the most convenient and cost-effective ways developers, and in turn, brands can improve the way they are viewed by consumers.

The Blisk Browser comes with emulators to create an experience across different devices. 

These are important when debugging, testing modern websites and testing code by ultimately allowing developers to clearly see their work on all devices from: 

  • Mobile

  • Tablet 

  • Computer screens

This is a vital feature says David Pagotto of SIXGUN, with considerable benefits during the development stage. He explains, “in contrast to alternate browsers, Blisk displays both mobile and desktop views side by side. This allows you to see how your code renders and desktop and mobile. With the distinction between mobile-first and desktop first no longer as clear as it once was, Blisk offers a cross-device development that allows you to work towards optimal UX everywhere your audience exists.”

3 Benefits of Using Blisk

✔ Easy & Simultaneous

Blisk allows simultaneous previewing on both desktop and mobile. Its users also benefit from fast, all-inclusive installation onto devices as features are preinstalled. This means a more streamlined approach to web development.

✔ Getting the right information

Blisk gives users insight throughout the development stage the browser’s built-in web-page analytics provides information about script errors, resources that fail to load, and cross-browser compatibility. It also has integrations with bug trackers like Bugzilla and collaboration tools like Trello

✔ Extensive Device Compatibility 

Do you struggle with having countless tabs open with various applications and articles you intend to read later? Blisk holds an easy solution for those time and tab-saving needs. As a developer’s multi-tasking dream, you can use the Blisk browser to see how your website will look on the following devices:


  • iPhone 5 

  • iPhone SE

  • iPhone 6 & 6 Plus 

  • iPhone 7 & Plus 

  • iPhone 8 & Plus 

  • iPhone X 

  • iPhone XR

  • iPhone XS & XS Max 

  • Google Nexus 4 & 6 

  • Google Pixel & Pixel 2 

  • LG G3 & G6 

  • Nokia N9 

  • Samsung Galaxy S3

  • Samsung Galaxy S4 

  • Samsung Galaxy S5 

  • Samsung Galaxy S6 

  • Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge 

  • Samsung Galaxy S7 

  • Samsung Galaxy S8 

  • Samsung Galaxy S9 & Plus


  • iPad Mini 

  • iPad Air Retina

  • iPad Pro 9.7

  • iPad Pro 10.5

  • iPad Pro 12.9

  • Google Nexus 7 

  • Google Nexus 10

Blisk also includes a number of other built-in features such as: 

  • Screen recorder: To capture and share amongst the team 

  • Cloud storage: Available from anywhere 

  • Image editor: To minimise the hassle of 3rd party editing software

  • URL and scroll sync: To simply locate and develop from all devices

From here, you can use the in-built features and prototype, test your product and get notified if there is a way to improve readability online. 

Like most browser development tools, Brisk delivers responsiveness to your web application, highlights weak points, provides security for your work and improves readability. 

For these reasons, web developing experts are calling it a reason to convert from your usual browser.

With its ability to streamline the design and development process, save time, and increase productivity, are you going to be converting next?

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