5 Apps That Improve Your Productivity

Life is stressful. Work- also stressful. Staying on top of everything can feel like an impossible task. Make the impossible seem possible with these 5 productivity focused apps.

5 Apps That Improve Your Productivity

Do you suffer from a snowballing workload? Do you feel like you’re about a centimetre from being snowed under? 

Life is stressful. Work- also stressful. Staying on top of everything can feel like an impossible task. Make the impossible seem possible with these 5 productivity focused apps. Make 2020 yours in every facet of your life, simply by using your phone

#1. ToDoist

ToDoist is a to do list app that has amassed rave reviews from the public since its launch in 2007. Over going many face lifts, its current clean and uncluttered interface is relied upon by millions world wide, to facilitate productivity both at the office and in the home. 

The concept is relatively simple, but the ease of the app’s layout and the fact you have access to it everywhere that you go has made this app a daily part of so many people's lives. 

With functionalities to delegate tasks, track your progress and file tasks into the relevant areas of your life, you’ll be feeling on top of your game and on top of the world. 


#2. Calendar

You probably already use this app, but if you don’t… What are you waiting for? Google Calendar is essentially just an online calendar, but is a super convenient addition to everyday life, keeping you connected across all your devices.

The app automatically scans your gmail for events and adds them to your Calendar, sending you push notifications to remind you about an event before it starts. Never miss a meeting, flight or concert again! A true lifesaver for the incredibly busy (and the absent minded). 

With an ever changing calendar, the arboriculturalist experts at Cheaper Trees use Google Calendar to ensure productivity never slips. They say, “Google Calendar is essential to the efficiency of our workplace. The app helps us all stay on task and on top of our game.” 


#3. Slack

For workplace productivity, Slack is king. The idea behind the app is so simple, it’s genius. Slack essentially replaces emails between team members and makes communication significantly easier by streamlining communication into chat rooms. 

Slack gives the user to opp in or out of chats, depending on their relevance to the user and also communicate with clients via the app. 

Slack has functionalities for both group and private chats and allows team members to be all kept in the loop at all points in time. Slack has paired up with apps such as Google Drive and Google Calendar too to facilitate file sharing in app. 



#4. Trello

Trello is excellent for those who exist in a collaborative environment, whether that be at the office or at home. Trello is a great tool for those who are collaborating on a project. 

The app is designed in a way that shows information at a glance, using boards, lists and cards, with added functionalities for uploading files, links and pictures. 

The app has been praised for allowing teams to work in a fun, flexible and a rewarding way, with push notifications to ensure that the work does get completed. 

An added bonus is a significant amount of third-party platforms that they have paired with, including Slack, Mailchimp and Twitter (to name a few) to allow for easier integration across the board. 

#5. Pocket

The Internet is a deep, black hole. We are constantly consuming on our phone but we don’t always have time to consume everything we want. This is where Pocket comes in. 

This smart app saves content from everywhere to allow you to get back to learning (or watching your millionth cat video of the day,) after real life has finished interrupting. 

The app downloads your links so you’re able to get back to learning anywhere and at any time. Stay up to date on the news, or whatever else you want to consume while you’re on your phone. 

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